Be Back Soon

I am quite tempted to blame this failure on the constant crashing of photoshop.  And a case can be made.  The next few paintings were days ripe with computer drama.  What a nightmare.  Also, at this stage I still hadn't figured out a great way to gauge my values.  And worst of all, I didn't have a great idea for Fagen.

Oh yes, this is meant to be Fagen from Oliver! After  the loss of the previous night's painting, I was hoping to keep this composition relatively simple.  I also was trying for a certain kind of dark moodiness.  There are parts of this character's face that actually work if you could enlarge the image to show his eyes and lips at full screen.  And what a pleasant experience that would be for you!  But, aside from the experience, this painting was a mis-step. If I had Oliver! to do over again, and excusing the constant crashing, Oom Pah Pah would have been a better choice.

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