The Wells Fargo Wagon

This piece began a new headache.  The song, from The Music Man, was a lot of fun.  Busy, but fun.  My Trouble (with a capital T) began when photoshop started crashing on me.  This is the painting from which I learned to save and save often.  I was at the two hour mark and poof... everything was gone.  I hadn't saved in well over an hour.  This is what is left.  BUT it's been the experience and not the results I've savored, so... up it goes.  And I don't have to re-do it.

This is an opportunity to discuss the underdrawing, however.  I do not include the plans for composition into my two hours.  Instead, I come up with a very loose sketch, then refine it for 8 layers.  In general, this has taken about an hour and a half.  I miss this painting and I'm sorry it's lost--especially the horse.  But I bet my memories of it are better than its reality.

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