Could I Leave You

This is where I started.  Could I Leave You comes from Follies, a musical by Stephen Sondheim which centers on a group of geriatric performers reminiscing about their showgirl pasts and the lives they've led since.  I still like this woman's face and that's where I spent the most time.  I'm beginning to post these at about day 35 and I know the habits I've developed have changed, even in just one month.  Much of this image was left completely undone because I had no idea what was possible in 2 hours.  I still get distracted, but I can manage my time better now.  I'm still figuring out how far outside the musical's setting I should travel--the characters, in the musical, are at a party.  The song discusses a marriage that has soured, but the stuff they own together still ties them as one.  Passionate love has died, but companionship still survives.  All in all, she asks, "Could I Leave You?  Yes.  Will I Leave you?  Guess".

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