Jubilation T. Cornpone

Jubilation T Cornpone comes from L'il Abner, one of the first productions I ever saw.  When I was a little kid, it was produced at our local small town community theater.  I loved it.  The song is about Dogpatch's town founder, a general flounderer.  I believe Jebediah Springfield, from the Simpsons owes a debt to Jubilation, although I'm not familiar enough with the Abner comic strip to know if he featured prominently. 
I tried a second approach in my second day of two hour paintings--layer brush strokes with lowered opacity.   I managed my time better here too, finishing the full composition in values.  This is something one terms as 'beginner's luck'.  There are some real stinkers ahead.  I still kind of like this one.

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