He Plays the Violin

 From 1776, 'He Plays the Violin' has Thomas Jefferson's new wife, after a long weekend of...ahem...honeymooning, describing to John Adams and Benjamin Franklin the ways her husband thinks and relaxes.

I got very lost in time here, but I did master the 'save and save often' mandate sent from computer heaven.  I still like the composition, and I think there are some good character designs displayed too.  The overall composition is too sparse, and an extra hour would have greatly affected the finish, but I'm pleased with the over-large window and tiny door no one would fit through.  My favorite Maurice Sendak book is Hector Protector, because I LOVE how the queen lives in a castle too small for her.    The image is not a success, but also not a failure.  I bet you didn't know John Adams had cankles.  See, we all learned something.

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