What Did I Have That I Don't Have?

Saving and saving often didn't save this image from 'On A Clear Day'.  I got mired down in faces again here, losing track of the image as a whole.  I also never really had a clear vision of what I hoped the drawing would be.  The final results remind me of something I might have drawn in junior high.  Still, these are experiments and I get to show my warts here alongside any jewels.

The story is about a woman with clairevoyant quirks undergoing hypnosis to quit smoking.  While in a trance, her analyst discovers personalities from her former lives, one of whom he falls in love with.  This is the song in which the patient realizes why she's been getting special attention.  She wishes the doctor had fallen for her instead of the her she can not be.  Heady stuff.
Okay, silly stuff.  But there's some good music.

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