Movies Were Movies

Movies Were Movies comes from Mack and Mabel.  Mack Sennett, the great silent comedy movie director loves one of his earliest stars, Mabel Normand.  Alas, their love cannot be.  But movies were movies...when you paid a dime to escape,  cheering the hero or hissing the man in the cape.  It's a cute song.

Since I could play with my value system a little more, I planned to try some new tricks with color.  I'd heard tell of the 'color' option on the brush menu in Photoshop, but had never tried it.  I figured a mostly black and white image would be the best place to start in experimenting.  This is a bit awkward, of course, but happily the plan hides some of my mistakes.  The theater-goers are little more than frozen cardboard  cutouts, but they're definitely sitting in reddish seats.  I say's it's a go.

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