Little Bird, Little Bird

More experimentation today.  Little Bird, Little Bird is a song from Man of La Mancha that taunts our lead female character, a whore in a little inn.  Don Quixote confuses her with a beautiful princess, and she's pleased for the comparison.  Life is hard.  The other people at the inn find the entire ordeal very funny and egg Dulcinea, as she is called by her hero, on, without mercy.

I'm still playing with colorizing the image here. For several weeks I'll continue with this practice, painting the image in black and white only before adding local color overall.  Then I'll finish the painting with specifically mixed shades.  I'm also pushing the color balance quite a bit--sometimes too far. 

You should see the under-drawing for this one--this composition is passable for what it is, but the other might have made for a better finish.  Time.

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