Speed Test

This was a watershed moment.  Halfway through painting this image, I discovered the navigation window.  Oh sure, I knew it existed, but I always figured it was unnecessary and a waste of desktop space.  Little did I know that it would be the key to keeping an eye on values.  Evidence really can't be displayed in this image.  Sure, I started implementing better placed lights and darks immediately, but here, it was an afterthought.  I'd still call this image poorly organized.  But I learned a lot for future images.

Thoroughly Modern Millie is vastly different from its early incarnation as a movie.  The basic plot is similar, but only two or three songs remain.  Millie is a modern jazz-age working woman, applying for a job as a secretary with a boss she plans to marry.  He is oblivious, and his 'Speed Test' is vaguely, if innocently, sexual.

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