If I Were Gay

After the previous night's offenses, I decided to go with subject matter more fun.  I LOVE the muppets.  I'm passionate and I'm obsessed with them.  When Ave Q came out, I made sure not to miss it.  Happily, a friend and I lucked into front row lottery seats the year it debuted.  For some shows, the front row sucks--it hurts your neck and the singers might accidently spit on you.  This was a great spot.  As far as design goes, I tried to have the puppeteers look just a little bit more like Bert and Ernie than the puppets could--for legal reasons.  These don't look like the original puppets from Ave Q either, but they'd fit the roles.

The value structure is still way off, and I think the negative space around the characters is not greatly organized, but I liked the designs and the colors well enough to continue after bombing on The Pajama Game.  Rebuilding confidence.

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