Ya Never Know

Little Shop of Horrors is such a great show.  I love Howard Ashman and all of the fairy tales he created for Disney.  But it's his edge I appreciate most.  Ya Never Know is the song about Seymour's success with the weird plant in the window.  I wanted something dark, moody and greenhouse-ish.  I sort of got it.  I think I felt like this painting was going better while I was doing it than I do now.  It seems far too gritty and the blacks have lost most of their detail.  I am pleased with the plant's upper lip--considerable time was spent there,  refining.  If I'd had time, the rest of the image would at least be brought up to the same level.  That said, however, I do like the overall color scheme, and I wouldn't call the experience a zero.  A little more concept would make me more forgiving.  This set-up seems too straight-forward.  My brain seems to be calling out:  Feed me. 

Yes I'm dumb.  :)

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