No One is Alone

The Baker's wife has been killed by a giantess.  Jack's mother is dead.  Red Riding Hood's family, too, is gone.  Cinderella has left her prince.  Together they're bound together to kill the giant's wife because she is wreaking havoc on the land.  They are not alone, even having lost so much.  No one is alone--not even those people you are fighting against.  Life is not black and white.

So many characters were repeated for this image.  I almost wish I'd made the different trees slightly separate color, but I'd decided to make a mass of leaves at the top of the page. Now they remind me of the cotton-y plants in Horton Hears a Who.  I wish some of the tar receded a little better, but I'm still not sure how to achieve that.  The colors here were a challenge, but on the whole I'm pleased.  Perhaps the leaves up top are a bit warm in tone?  On the whole, however, I'm pleased.

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