No More

Are we here to correct the mistakes of our parents?  A curse has been placed on a baker and his wife.  They cannot bear children because the baker's father had stolen magic beans from a witch's garden.  The witch took the father's unborn daughter, Rapunzel.  The father abandoned his son and wife.  Once the Baker gets his wish and has a child, he loses his wife and runs away.  He has a chance not to repeat some of the mistakes of his father.  Will he take it?

I continued ingraining the figure into his environment here.  It's not perfect, but the Baker's legs feel much more germane to the ground here than it might have been previously.  I was trying to match the character's costume colors and profiles.  The father could have been mossier and the Baker could have been less heroic, but I like the trees and vines in the background. 

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