The princes, Charming run through the woods seeking their damsel in distress.  In the first act, one brother chases Cinderella night after night, dance after dance.  The other tries his hardest to break Rapunzel free from her tower.  Agony. By the time the curtain falls before the intermission, they've both reached their goal and have married their prizes.  In the second act, however, the thrill of the chase has waned and now each has discovered a new quest.  Cinderella's prince has discovered a sleeping maiden guarded by seven dwarves and Rapunzel's husband has found sleeping maiden high in a tower surrounded by brambles.  Agony again.

I can't believe this painting took the full four hours.  I think I struggled to make it cohesive, and the fighting jabs their fists are meant to portray could have been better rendered.  I like the faces, but I'm not sure they fit in with the style of the other images.  The colors in the illustration are good, tho.  There's always more to criticize, right?

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