Stay With Me

Rapunzel has found her prince and the evil witch she considers her mother has discovered the truth.  At first she threatens Rapunzel not to leave, then she begs.  "The world is dark and cruel, stay here where I can keep you safe" she sings.

I'm not sure how much this painting feels like night time, but aside from that, I'm mostly pleased.  The witch was a LOT of fun to paint.  And I think I loosened up on Rapunzel because of the weird contortions a witch's face needs to reflect.  I'm starting to blend some of the edges of the layers too.  I'd do that during the black and white stage if I didn't have to keep the photoshop layering separate for color.  Rapunzel is a little, well, she's more than dumb in Into the Woods, she's blank.  Her whole life has been spent hidden away in a sheltered existence.  Because of that , she doesn't have a lot to add to the play as a personality. The drawing of my maiden became more vacant as I went along.

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