Giants in the Sky

There's not a lot to describe about the story here.  Jack climbs the beanstalk and steals the hen (yes, it's a hen in this version) that lays golden eggs.

I thought it would be a little funny to have the hen very stressed, laying and dropping eggs on the way down.  The song describes how much bigger life can be when you explore things beyond your front yard.  They can also be scary, of course.

I like the red in Jack's face.  I wish the clouds were a little more solid towards the top, instead of becoming a feeble attempt at atmospheric perspective, but for the most part I'm pleased.

I finish the painting and it looks okay.  I open it the next day, just to glance at it, and I see all the flaws--for example, that bean stalk is very unrefined.  Then two weeks later, it all looks okay again.  I suppose a month from now I'll really know what this thing looks like.

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