As We Stumble Along

For a short period of time, I'd wondered if I should paint every show I'd seen on Broadway in person.  Then I realized that I had already painted a few out of order.  I've also seen one or two I'd rather forget.  The Drowsy Chaperone is a favorite, however.  I don't know that it has very many great songs, but the lead character, a lonely old man keeping his inner life alive through his cherished collection of old showtunes, resonates more than I'd care to admit.  Sure he's lovable, but also a bit pathetic.  He introduces us to one of his favorite albums, a lost gem from the 20s, titled 'The Drowsy Chaperone'.  The plot is loose and light, and running commentary comes from our host as his apartment slowly changes into the settings of the play within a play.

I like how this illustration turned out.  Originally I thought I might need something more showy to describe his passion, but the vibrant record player was enough.  The set up is very similar to a botched painting I learned from in college.  Atonement.

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