Growing Up

My freshman year of college, a production of Stephen Sondheim's Merrily We Roll Along was mounted.  It was such a dark experience and a play that hurt.  The promising lives of a successful songwriting team and their writer friend unfolds backwards.  Each scene is followed by the scene before it, a little like the movie Memento (only 20 years earlier).  Things start out horribly wrong and get progressively better.  The effect is still depressing.  "Growing Up" has Gussie, the slightly aging stage star hitting hard on her married, future husband.  I have her untying his tie.  I wish I'd had him caressing his ringed finger, instead of pointing to the jewelry he will no longer wear, but if this is a color comp, I have my first revision.  The second is that intense color blue--I was pushing for cold, but I pushed too far.  The room of mirrors they're standing in was an alright idea, but as I write this, some other plans of attack occur to me.

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