Beethoven Day

This is one of the riskier images I've done.  I try and avoid drawing other people's characters unless I bring my own perspective to their world.  I tried for that this time, but I'm afraid it just looks like I'm bad at drawing Schultz's characters.  I didn't pull reference for them until the very end--I couldn't remember what Lucy and Schroeder's hairstyles looked like.  I also hoped to bring some dimension into the Peanuts tradition--the musical is performed by grownups in a sparse, stylized, but very much three dimensional space.  The comic strip, is purposefully very flat.

I will say that I like the color scheme that came about.  And snoopy is still a pretty good, different, yet recognizable design.  I'm not sure I should have given Schroeder shoulders, but you live and you learn.  Beethoven Day--I just don't want to see it commercialized.  You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

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