I Whistle a Happy Tune

As I play with the color balance in Photoshop, characters keep changing ethnicity accidently.  I just go with it.  This is particularly disconcerting when it involves a musical about a character from real life.  Anna actually taught in the palace of the King of Siam.  And she was white and English.  Color blind casting--I guess there's nothing wrong with that, yes?  The King and I was one of the first musicals I discovered which I did not love.  The music was dated and the movie, the only version I had access to, was faded and strange-looking.  I'm no fan of the Uncle Tom's Cabin ballet either.  Although, remembering it now, it adds dimension with my casting choice.

Anyway, the musical AND Rodgers & Hammerstein have grown on me over the years.  They have more of my respect, and a certain, simple beauty.  The movie has also been restored and I think it's gorgeous now too.

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