Pirate Jenny

Pirate Jenny is a fantastic song from The Three Penny Opera.  Kurt Weill wrote the original with Bertolt Brecht in German and I highly recommend, once you're familiar with the general story, to listen to it in deutsch.  When I first discovered the music, I was not aware of its having been translated.  I knew the music was excellent, but the words were kind of dumb.  For this one reason, I now wish I spoke German.

The song is most famously sung by Lotte Lenya, Weill's wife.  Jenny is a maid in an inn, tired of her work and angry with the people who abuse her.  One day, she imagines, her true people, the pirates will come, rescue her and kill everyone else.  This is her childish fantasy.  I wanted a different color scheme for the boat and the water.  I do wish I'd been able to transition the warms from the port city into the background ever so slightly.  But, as a color comp, I'm pleased.

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