Castle on a Cloud

I've lived with Les Miserables for nearly 15 years, so it felt a little run of the mill to illustrate.  Plus, my ideas felt a bit bankrupt when I started.  Now I like that the clouds look like dust, and the houses seem war torn and destroyed.  That's not a mess this girl can clean up alone.

Sometimes it's funny to look back at an illustration and remember what was playing in the background as you did it.  I'd checked out a documentary on Gene Kelly from the library and that was running in full swing while I worked on those clouds. 

I think Cosette is probably a good companion piece to Pirate Jenny.  They're both sweeping and imagining.  The girl hopes for beauty, the hardened woman, to kill.  I've been painting a lot of mops here lately.  Is it merely a good prop, or a message from the heavens to clean my floor?  Perhaps I'd be wishing for another life in their position too.  I'm sure I would.  We all would.

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