Out of My Dreams

Out of my dreams, and into my heart.  I try and relate the showtune I work on to the day I'm living.  This day I went to the Autry museum of Western...um...Culture?  The long and short of it is that the exhibits were wonderful and I was desperate to think of a good western-themed show.  Oklahoma was the natural.  It's such a landmark in musical theater.

This isn't a scene, specifically from the show.  I always remember the Dream Curly's because When Pigs Fly, a second musical, pokes fun at them.  Dream Curly stands in for the actor playing Curly during the dance sequence.  It's hard to find those triple threats--someone to dance, sing and act.  Martha Graham got around this, when choreographing Out of My Dreams, by casting ideal dancers for this song.  In someone's world, I've illustrated an ideal Curly.  But I think I love the horse.

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