Defying Gravity

Some days you're inspired, other days you're making marks and hoping for the best.  This looks better to me now than it did at the time.  It was created at the end of a long day and it started off the beginnings of an even longer night.  I now wish I'd put some magic sparkle glitter in the air.  I do like that the witch looks vaguely teenager-y and I'm rather pleased with her braces.  The stuffed lion feels right too.  Should her shoes have been silver?

Full disclosure-- I only sort of know what Wicked is about.  I've read a Gregory Maguire book or two, and I've not loved them.  That's why, until recently, I avoided the musicalized version.  Once I gave it a listen, however, I was more impressed than I thought I would be.   I've revisited the score several times.  I'm under this impression that this song describes the moment Elpheba discovers she can fly.  I think my witch seems to live in Halloweentown and not in Oz, but I'm not sure how to Oz it up a little.  More art nouveau, maybe?  Next time.  After more sleep.

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