Everything's Alright

I'm fighting every urge in my body to open this image in photoshop and adjust the values ever so slightly.  It's dark, and blogger seems to darken images even more.  This was another image that crashed on me.  Or, rather, it froze.  Happily, I was able to take a screen shot of it, and save that for our purposes here.

Everything's Alright comes from Jesus Christ Superstar.  I like the Jesus design here, and Mary Magdalene is a surprise, but Judas could stand some neck work.  Perhaps he needs a smaller head.  With the time constraints, we also lost a back hallway filled with out of focus apostles.  I hate when that happens.  Let me end by saying 'Everything's Alright' is one of the best running songs ever.  It's perfect for keeping an exercised pace.  Apparently the song is unusual in that it's in 5/4 time.  Um...that or 4/5.  Ironically, considering this project, I'm not very musical.

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