The Museum Song

It was a week of museums as I finally made it to the Museum of Jurassic Technology.  I keep raving about the experience, but I think it's so wonderful that such a weird concept could be so well executed.  In its introduction, it calls out PT Barnum's famous museum as a recent example of the off-beat collection of objects.  I immediately thought of this song from the show, Barnum.

The whole thing could use some polishing and adornment, but... experimentation.  More ideas build from here.

Quite a lotta
Roman terra cotta
Livin' lava from the flanks of Etna
Ride a dromedary
See the Temple tumble and the Red Sea part.

McNamara's band
The fattest lady in the land
A pickled prehistoric hand
A strand of Pocahontas' hair
Crow and Sioux
Who're going to
Be showing you
Some rowing through
A model of the rapids on the Delaware

 It goes on, and happily so.

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