One of the best parts of doing this project is rediscovering musicals I haven't listened to in ages.  I forgot how much I enjoyed A New Brain.  This is not a well known musical, and this is not the tune from the show most people would pick.  In the production, a composer, working for the kid's show 'Mr Bungee', has to draft a song about saying "Yes" for a tyrannical boss in a frog suit.  The writer is about to undergo brain surgery and is desperate to create something important people will remember once he's gone.  The song, written for kids, devolves into moral lessons about who in life you should avoid having sex with. Wildly inappropriate.  William Finn, the composer, is both overrated and underrated.  But I love this show.  He should have more success, AND he's not as oddball as he'd like to be.  I'm judgemental.  On a final note, if I could be wearing that pink frog suit in the background at this very moment, I would be.

See, THAT's oddball.

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