If Racing with the Clock hadn't already won for most mistakes, this image from Bells Are Ringing would be a strong contender.  Do not rely too heavily on 'color balance' and 'levels'.  And if you're tired and staring at an image for too long, walk away for a minute or two.  Don't power through.

The woman's is a character design that I like.  And there are parts of the wall behind them I can stand.  But after 8 layers of drawing, I still didn't have a good composition, and I knew it.  I'd struggled mostly with wrapping the two characters together in a dance, and, having solved that problem for the most part, I neglected the setting.  In Bells Are Ringing, the lead character is getting ready for the big party, learning to dance from one of her friends.  He isn't a major character, and barely factors into the plot.  That didn't help my interest in him.  More stories to tell.  Let's keep moving.  Nothing to see here.

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