He Calls My Name

Leo Frank, a Northern jewish man living as an outsider in the South, is accused of killing and raping one of his young factory girls.  In flashback, during one of the other girls' testimony, we see the evil he was accused of perpetrating.  Other employees claim he used to stand around, lear, and call them into his office one by one.  He's painted as a demon, but as the show progresses, we learn that the testimony isn't true.  The story, however, is, and in real life Leo Frank went to prison.  He stayed there until a strong wind from the North set him free.  Horrified, and in contrast to the evidence in favor of his innocence, he was lynched and killed anyway.

Perfect subject matter for a musical, right?  Jason Robert Brown is fantastic, and I hope he has the opportunity to get more shows seen.  13, The Last Five Years, soon The Bridges of Madison County, and this, Parade.  Cross your fingers for more success.

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