I've Got a Lot of Livin' to Do

Conrad Birdie is musical theater's answer to the Elvis Presley phenomenon.  Rock and/or Roll is sweeping the nation in the 60s and teenage girls are going crazy with excitement.  As a PR stunt, one lucky girl will be kissed on air at the Ed Sullivan Show.  Bye Bye Birdie is light, fun and candy coated.  It was also Dick Van Dyke's introduction to mainstream limelight.

I'm still working at pushing in color within color.  I was hoping for a simple approach this day and left the background ambiguous.  Some of the characters in the foreground probably should have had a little more reflected light instead of being silhouetted out completely.  There actually is a little modeling in there if you look closely, but I adjusted values at the last minute, and much of that was lost.  I still like some of the looseness of the figures here.  And though it's not quite working, The green in his shadows is more of what I hope to push for.

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