Here in Eden

The Apple Tree comes to you from the same team that created Fiddler on the Roof.  It's a three storied play with the first section an adaptation of Mark Twain's Adam and Eve.  It moves into a musicalized version of The Lady or the Tiger? before presenting Passionella, an update of Cinderella.  If, within yourself, you even detect the tiniest whiff of curiosity about Barbara Harris as a musical performer, check this out.  She's brilliant.

I was trying something new this go-round.  Usually I work in black and white before pushing the image into color, but this time I started everything out in a simple blue.  I don't know that it helped or hurt much.  Naked human beings take time to paint, and happily I got to push in some color I've not played with since college.  Overall, the effect is still a bit gray and unrefined, but it could still make a fun painting later.  Ten more minutes and I'd have broken out the 'saturate' sponge tool.  I'd feel better about it if I had.

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