I've Gotta Crow

My sleep schedule often gets kicked off kilter.  I'm a night owl, but the rest of the world just won't agree with me.  When I decided to do an illustration a day, I got confused as to what a 'day' might mean.  Some of my days are super long--30 hours or more.  Some of my days, because of the lack of sleep, are much shorter.  To help off-set that, I did half of this illustration on the days I completed other illustrations.  I plan to do at least one more with this setup.

BUT... because I didn't warm up at all with drawing first, the painting quality here is rough.  Those are some scary Darling children.  I'm actually a little afraid Wendy might eat me.  The overall values are a relief, tho.  I was working hard to save that the last ten minutes of painting.  I have to admit that 'two hours tops' sometimes works out to 'two hours, ten minutes tops'.  I try to stop, but I get lost in a painting and forget. I do force myself before it gets too late.   Two hours, twenty minutes wouldn't have hurt Peter Pan much.

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