I Do Miracles

Kiss of the Spiderwoman is the adaptation from a film about two prisoners in a Argentine prison.  Molina has been imprisoned for being gay and Valentin is a revolutionary.  To escape the horrors of his situation, Molina has delusions of Aurora, a famous movie star known for playing 'The Spider Woman'.  Her kiss brings death. 

You'll notice a theme running here.  I was surprised again by the Spider Woman's ethnicity.  And again, I think it adds an element of surprise.  The prisoners, also look black to me.  This is another image I like.  I wish the spiderweb at the bottom of the cage were clearer, but as is, it also reminds me of a bulls eye.  I'm not sure the cots were a necessary addition, but I think they emphasize the conflict.  Valentin is definitely afraid of Molina.

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