I Still Believe

I'm not sure why some musicals age better than others.  I Still Believe comes from Miss Saigon, a mega blockbuster from the early 90s.  It's famous for the full scale helicopter that lands on stage.  The plot is transposed onto the Vietnam war from the opera, Madam Butterfly, and in my opinion, music aside, I find this more palatable.  I generally just want to shake the poor woman in Madam Butterfly and tell her to wake up!

The song comes at the point where we discover Kim, Chris' Vietnam bride still holds a torch for the soldier who flew back to the states.  He's since remarried, and his new wife wants to know why her husband has nightmares about the loss of a woman who he's never mentioned when awake.

The painting was inspired by a Sweet n'Low ad I saw at a bus stop.  If I had had more time to plan, the transition between the cities would have had more distinct color coordination.

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