I Wish I Could Forget You

Stephen Sondheim's "Passion" is underrated.  Fosca is an ugly, crippled woman who is very sick and very selfish.  She lives with her brother in an estate where military maneuvers are headquartered.  She falls in love with a handsome commander and demands his full attention, even though he is involved in a long distance affair with a married woman.  The music is incessant and lilting--dreamlike as it sweeps from one incident to the next.  Many people find the show offputting, but repeated viewings help reveal its richness.

Back in school I was working on an image with several infirmed geriatric characters stuffed in a bed.  The instructor kept wanting me to push my perspective and raise the mattress in two different directions.  I'm not sure I've accomplished what he wanted here either, but I had fun.  And about the execution?  Another hour or two and It would be MUCH cleaner.  I learned a lot.  Not a fail.

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