That Old Devil Moon

That Old Devil Moon is my favorite song from Finian's Rainbow-- a classic era Broadway musical about an Irish pair of immigrants stealing away to Texas with a pot of gold.  They're followed by angry leprechauns, who will cease to exist if they don't recover their treasure.  Wishes are made, couples are bewitched and racist southerners get their due.

Plain and simple, I wanted to paint the pot of gold buried under a tree.  I was playing around more and more with 'color balance' and 'levels' in Photoshop throughout the painting process too.  That truck changed positons about 5 times and I still wish it were a little larger, and darker within the frame--more of a foreground element to help give depth.  I like the couple, however... and although the tiny leprechaun isn't exactly correct for the story,  he still pleases me.  Day 13, which this was, called for the devil.  My moon should be more romantic.

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