Love Can't Happen

Grand Hotel the musical is based on Grand Hotel the movie.  The lives and loves of a group of guests staying the night in a fancy Berlin hotel converge.  It's a classic in cinema, and as a show it has some brilliant moments.  David Carroll originated the role of the Baron and sang "Love Can't Happen".  He died from AIDS-related complications trying to record the soundtrack.  In fact, I believe he got sick at the studio and had to leave.  One track remains, and wow.  The man had a voice!

I didn't pick a specific scene from the show.  I just wanted to pull in a nice character study and play with the idea of a rich hotel.    I thought that perhaps the young valet could be impossibly in love with his mistress, but mostly I just liked the design.  Still struggling with values and the like, here.  The dogs are cute and the woman, tho wildly angled, would be fun to sculpt.

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