Racing with the Clock

At last we come to my benchmark for failure!  If anything could have gone wrong in painting this, it did.  And I don't mean computer issues.  I bit off more than I could chew and tried to chew like hell.  Hell is what materialized.  Racing with the Clock is exactly right.  Two hours to paint a factory is insane.  I could do a better job today, but six characters and a room full of 'stuff' would be a headache for most anyone.  The musical is The Pajama Game and the song is manic and relentless.  Too much to do in too little time. 

I bombed on some other images later, but this is the one I'm most embarrassed to show.  What's sadder, still, is that the underlying composition isn't all that bad.  I got lost in brick and lights and machines and faces and no value structure.  Learning process.

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