It's Been a Long Day

For How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying I was looking for a very cartoonish feel.  In fact, I think I harkened back to my earlier Superman painting, since the shows come from the same era.  I wish I'd gotten a brighter combination of colors, as it would be appropriate, but on the whole, I'm pleased here.  The figures aren't quite married into the environment yet, but 20 minutes and that would have happened.  I was playing around with quick key commands and basic geometric tools.  Fun two hours!

It's Been a Long Day comes at the end of J Pierrepont Finch's first day of climbing up the corporate ladder.  On the elevator down, he and an office secretary, Rosemary, pretend not to be interested in one another.  They're courting, despite reservations, and the song describes what is said vs. what is meant. 

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