The Phantom of the Opera

I've loved musicals since I was very young.  I think I was first introduced to showtunes through The Muppet Show.  I was taken to community theater productions of Cinderella and Li'l Abner and Once Upon a Matress.  Early on, I discovered the movies of Annie and the Music Man.  But I didn't really start buying cast albums until I found The Phantom of the Opera.

Today, I consider the show somewhat hokey.  It sounds like the 7th grade.  But I did enjoy dusting off the cd before deciding on this composition--a literal memory of pictures I've seen from the production.

This was something of a turning point in my photoshop illustration as well.  I hope that I'm less afraid to silhouette figures out now in favor of mood.  I'd lighten the highlights a touch, yet.  But I like the theatrical quality here.  That's what I was fighting for.  The movie version of the show stripped the story of its magic.  This is a musical made to stay on stage.  And boy howdy, has it.  It's still running on Broadway more than 20 years later!

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