My Husband Makes Movies

Nine is a horrific movie, but it's a great stage musical.  Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of 8 1/2 either, which is its source material.  I respect Fellini, but I haven't felt the need to spend a lot of time there.  Maybe if he sang more...

Louisa is married to Guido, a film maker, and laments the days when she had her own identity.  Now she is wife to a famous, and famously philandering, icon.  She's not sure where he ends and she begins anymore.  I tried to reflect that in the composition.  In the sketch, I tinkered with the idea of giving her no mouth, but her features are still somewhat ghostlike.  The husband and wife share an arm.  It's a little sophomoric, but while he's framing the world for an imaginary camera, she seems to be holding up a very, contemporary 'loser' sign.  Instead, let's just assume she's assisting, helplessly.  I don't believe they used the loser sign in Italy 40 years ago.

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