Good Night and Thank You

Evita Duarte has come to Buenos Aires to make her way in the world.  Along the way, she makes her way with just about anyone of note.  Good night and thankyou, whoever, she sings, as she climbs the ladder of success.  Eventually she makes her way to the bed of promising man of the army.  She'll push him all the way to the office of president.

This may be a favorite piece, thus far.  In fact, I may very well have chosen Evita many years ago as a first attempt at an illustration piece.  The style of the show is dark and foreboding.  Evita's story is a cautionary tale.  Don't get greedy.  And if you rise too far too fast, you're likely to fall and fall hard.

This is also the piece in which I discovered that I paint an awful lot of face closeups.  I've making an attempt to use that more sparingly.  The close up is for impact.  But then, the wide shot is for atmosphere.  No hard and fast rules, of course, but on the whole, I'm aiming more cinematic, and that means a wider variety in composition.

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