Open a New Window

I paint to movies and Auntie Mame is on Netflix currently as an instant watch.  I remember checking the Rosalind Russell movie out from my library as a kid and thinking it was the longest thing I'd ever seen in my life.  I enjoyed it, and watched it twice, but I'd never seen a movie that spanned so much time in one person's life.  The little boy grew up!  ...completely!   I was shocked.

I'm more of a Johnny-come-lately to the musical, Mame.  I discovered it five or six years ago.   Jerry Herman gets called to task for simple songs, but I enjoy them.  They're upbeat, up tempo and brash.  So is Mame.

My painting could have benefited from an extra hour.  We'll call this a character study and assume Mame re-emerges in a different light.

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