A Part of Us

Finding a showtune at a thrift store is something of a rarity.  Not only aren't they popular, but they don't really go out of date.  The people who buy them, keep them.  I still listen to some of the shows I was listening to in junior high.  This one, for instance, was one of my favorites during my formative years-- Once on This Island  I played the audio tape over and over.  But until this weekend, after a trip to the local Goodwill, I didn't own it on cd.

Ti Moon is a peasant woman praying for something more.  The gods send her forbidden love when a rich aristocrat crashes his car near her beach.  She follows him to his palace and after time, discovers he has been promised to another woman.  She throws herself into the ocean and the gods, taking mercy on her spirit, turn her into a tree.  A tree that physically breaks down the wall between the peasants and the aristocrats.  It sounds odd, but the whole story is told as a simplistic folklore fable.  My tree is a bit literal, but I like its sprawl.

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