Try the Priest

Sweeney Todd is pure brilliance.  A murderous barber, seeking revenge for the loss of his wife and child, pairs up with a malicious baker to murder people in London and serve them in meat pies.  Try the Priest is the darkly humorous song in which they come up with the idea for the savory snacks and then laugh about what people might taste like.

I prefer the original Angela Lansbury version to most any other.  And that's definitely the Mrs Lovett I painted here.  Sweeney has his razorblade at the ready too. In the play, and during their suppositions for this song, the characters pantomime pies. And so, while they pretend there is food in their hands, what they're really looking at is their exposed flesh--delicious and ready to be eaten.  I'm pleased with this image.  It may not be perfect, but there are enough surprises, both in color and in design, that an illustration like this make these efforts worth pushing further.  We'll see how I feel a week from now.

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