Rhythm of Life

Sweet Charity follows the story of a dance hall girl named Charity, desperate for another life.  Ten years later and maybe Charity would have been written as a full fledged prostitute--the implication throughout the musical.  She meets a nice, respectable man outside of work and he takes her to his free-spirit church.  That's when the hippies sing about the rhythm of life. 

The movie had Sammy Davis, Jr as the minister, and I'm sure that that influenced my casting a little.  His dance pushed the design a little too close to Fame, however and Sammy's Davis-ness disappeared.  I do like the design of Charity and tho I ran out of time in painting her date, as a dancehall escort, her johns were pretty anonymous. 

As an image, things got a little soft and digital.  But I like some of the colors happening in his skin and shirt.

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