Tell Me Why

Alfie Bourne is a theater-loving, middle-aged, unmarried and homosexual bus driver.  He has an impossible crush on one of his co-workers and lives in Irish Catholic misery.  He lives with his sister, a spinster who, after Alfie's first major indescretion, yells at her brother for not telling her sooner, setting her free.  He endures her pain, wallows in his own and misses the last intention in her song-- "You must have known I'd have loved you anyway".  A happy enough sentiment for the early 90s.

You'll notice I needed a lot less atmosphere after Camelot.  I like this image, and fought to keep the sister from looking too man-ish.  I wish Alfie resembled Uncle Fester less, but we can't have everything.  The show is A Man of No Importance.  The piece may not be of importance either, but I learned some stuff.  It had a value for me.

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