What Do the Simple Folk Do?

I'd venture to guess that most musicals are sung by human beings.  The temptation to design close-ups of characters belting songs gnaws on me with every image.  I'm afraid I'm getting a bit repetitive with my imagery.  Sometimes it feels appropriate to focus on one or two characters, and sometimes I'm not anxious to give myself a two hour headache by designing the huge, and wonderful, production number. I avoid the large scale, and that is not to my credit. With a wide angle view there's so much to juggle and I don't have a lot of time for details.  And once you add in a little bit of detail, the lack of detail elsewhere becomes very, very apparent.  Still, I'm here to learn and, thus, I'm making a concerted effort to push further.

Camelot focuses on the love triangle between Guinivere, Arthur and Lancelot.  The royals have saddled themselves with a lot of drama, and they just can't help but wonder about, and pine after, a simpler, poorer life.  Don't we all?

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