You're the Top

"Anything Goes" is a Cole Porter classic I've never actually seen.  I equate the song 'You're the Top' with Ethel Merman and Kermit the Frog on the Muppet Show. The show takes place on a steamer ship and it is something of a farce.  There are musicals I'm passionate about, and there are scores that I enjoy.  This is the latter.

Here I was still trying to juggle a lot of elements without ever coming up with a cohesive whole.  It's not long after this that I discovered a secret or two.  At this point, I was working on about 18 different layers, which just got confusing.  I was also trying to paint each image, keyed to color, individually.  From that standpoint, this turned out alright.  But value should win over color, and here it doesn't quite yet.  I do like my "Mermanesque Reno Sweeney"...and her daft love interest makes me laugh.  But they look better suited for an episode of The Love Boat.

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