You've Got Possibilities

My perspective on some of these newest images may be off.  Until now, I've been writing about paintings I'd completed weeks ago.  But this image, from It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman! was finished two nights ago.  A reporter at the Daily Planet develops a crush on Clark Kent, in spite of his shabby taste in clothes and awkward appearance.  She can tell 'there's just something underneath'.  It's a wonderful song and my newest obsession.  Linda Lavin performed the version I've been listening to back in the 60s.  There's all this talk about the new Spiderman musical being a ridiculous idea, and Peter DeSeve did a brilliant take on the ridiculousness of a Batman musical back in the 90s.  But Superman was done for an audience that grew up during the heyday of the character's popularity.  And it spoofs the best aspects of the old Saturday matinee serials.  Comic, ridiculous fun. 

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